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Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep7 - Becca

Becca, a Canadian recovering alcoholic talks about her experiences with sobriety of over 4 years and how she discovers her own truth by being an alcoholic. She is the host of The Unashamed Alcoholic Podcast where she invites well-known sober people for conversations about alcohol and working to take the stigma out of alcoholism, addiction and recovery.

She shares moments of her life in recovery, how she approaches her addiction and talks openly about what works for her, especially since she opened up in public. Her personality shines through in memories and feelings that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of recovery, we can easily connect to her narrative and understand how much it takes to be honest and show a full picture about alcoholism.

Her stories might resonate with many of us struggling with addictions, looking for our own truth in recovery, and wanting to discover a better life in sobriety. You can follow her on Twitter @UnashamedAlc.

“I’m sober, but that’s not the truth, that’s not my truth. I was saying I’m sober for 3 years before I started saying I’m an alcoholic as the truth. I’ve been hiding that when I went out to meet new people like I don’t drink, not giving any more details. Because how can I say I’m an alcoholic? I was at Alcoholics Anonymous, I admitted it, I loved life, I was super happy, I was confident in myself – but in secret. I thought this is ridiculous, I can be so open getting drunk and being hungover, or ah, I need a drink tonight – but you can’t talk about being in recovery? Why? Why can’t I be as open about one thing as I’m about another one? Why does society accept getting drunk is OK to talk about, but getting sober is not. That doesn’t make any sense!”

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