Strangers in Recovery – Ep9 – Keith, part1

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep9 - Keith, part1

Keith, a London-born and bred compulsive gambler talks about his life, in a very detailed manner in the part1 episode where we can follow his journey through several major relapses, how he has gone through many businesses which were successful and then crashed, pointing him to the ultimate surrender which will be discussed at part2, next Sunday. His experiences with in-and-out of Gamblers Anonymous over decades and talking briefly about Narcotics Anonymous too shows an addict’s lifelong learning process that has several points which we can relate to and find ourselves in his shoes.

In the first episode, he focuses on moments of his life in active addictions, using a format of NA to tell his full truth which might sound intimidating. He mentions several points that will be discussed more in-depth in the second episode. His personality shines through his words that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of life (in active addiction, early recovery, in a severe relapse, back to recovery, and so on), we can easily connect to his narrative and understand how much it takes to be honest and show a full picture of addiction.

He is currently addiction-free for over 7 years and regularly attends recovery meetings.

“I kept believing in some way, that I can control it. I didn’t believe I was suffering from a sidious disease, which is incredibly patient, which will wait for as long as it needs to wait, and will as sometimes like light will go on, at the moment of weakness: this voice will tell you that you’re cured. Now I believe that I cannot be cured. My disease can be arrested. But, I will always have it. I was too arrogant. I went into meetings and by the end, asked myself: who are these people, why do I need to listen, what the f*ing hell they can tell me? I don’t need to hear their stuff anymore. I heard that, I got it, I will find another way. This is good for them, this is what these people need. And this attitude kept me in addiction. And I decided to bet again.”

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