Strangers in Recovery – Ep8 – George

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep8 - George

George, a Scottish recovering alcoholic talks about his experiences with sobriety of over 12 years and how he found his way in Alcoholics Anonymous as a solution for his addiction. He is an honest alcoholic who practices his recovery every day by attending meetings, helping out at a local rehab center, or just simply picking up the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to read and learn something new about himself.

He shares moments of his life in recovery, how he discovered that unmanageability of his drinking could have taken his life and how he turned to a grandfather of climbing trees these days. His personality shines through his words that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of recovery, we can easily connect to his narrative and understand how much it takes to be honest and show a full picture of alcoholism.

His stories and explanations of certain aspects of his addiction might resonate with many of us struggling with our own ones, and wanting to discover a better life in sobriety. You can follow him on Twitter @GeorgeC195.

“I didn’t see an alternative, I couldn’t live with it, I couldn’t live without it. If I could find a way to drink, without all the consequences that were building up in terms of my marriage, in terms of my personal relations, in terms of my carrier, in terms of my financial arrangements, and everything else: then I might, well, still be drinking. From my first meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous, I do remember two things: one guy said, if you don’t take the first drink, you can’t get drunk. That made complete sense to me cause it nailed my pattern. If it was absolutely crucial, I could not drink for a period of time. I hated it, I’ve been miserable, I’ve been grumpy, but I could do it. I thought, yeah, I can live with that. The other thing that they said: keep coming back. So I kept going back, not really knowing why I was going back, except that I wanted to hang out with these people who have got sober and starting to get my life together.

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