Strangers in Recovery – Ep5 – Christina

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep5 - Christina

Christina, a US-based recovering problem gambler talks about the years spent in casinos, how she started to realize she has a problem with gambling, and how she started her journey. The challenges that she’s faced with until she arrived at the realization that she can’t beat it alone and started her recovery in March 2021. She’s now a valued member of the recovery community, shares actively at several meetings and groups, hosts The Broke Girl Society podcast, and recently teamed up with Brian Hatch from All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast to co-host The Bet Free Life youtube show.

She shares moments of her life in recovery, how she handles them now by having tools to deal with that life brings. She’s humble about knowing that there are many roads that we, recovering addicts can follow and highlights that whatever works for an individual, is the right path to be in.

Her stories might resonate with many of us being compulsive gamblers, struggling with consequences from this addiction, and being early or already advanced in recovery. You can follow her on Twitter @BrokegirlCr and on Instagram

“I couldn’t commit to hanging out with friends, which is why I lost friendships, I couldn’t commit even to go and do a family barbeque – it was still hard to commit to these kinds of things. So rolling into recovery, it was extremely important to me to commit because at this point in recovery our actions have to be more than our words. Because our words mean nothing to anybody around us when you’ve been in addiction, you’ve lied, you’ve done all these things: our words mean nothing, it’s gonna be our actions, that are gonna prove to people that we are really working on ourselves, that we are really working to get to that next level. And it will show, through our actions what we’re doing. So it is extremely important to me: want to commit and to be there.”

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