Strangers in Recovery – Ep4 – Karen

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep4 - Karen

Karen, a UK-based recovering alcoholic and mum of two, self-defined binge drinker, who talks about transformation from being in the center because of drinking to being in the center because of not drinking. She’s started her recovery as a challenge to put down the drink for 100 days that she managed and soon after had a slip that taught her how easy it is to fall back to the old habits and how strong is the community that is out there, helping her with no judgment to become her best self.

She shares relatable moments of her life when she was drinking and how she recognized that she has a problem. Her journey has many similarities to others’ early in their own recovery, and with such a thoughtful conversation she wants to raise awareness and help the ones who feel equivalently lonely and confused about how they can experience what she does every day since she doesn’t drink. Her tools are as simple as following #RecoveryPosse hashtag on Twitter and attend at RecoveryHour online meetings, connecting with like-minded people who are there to share their own life and listen to hers as well.

Her stories can resonate with many of us being early in recovery and also the ones who revisit the periods by either being tempted or actually relapsing: she came to recovery for challenging herself and stays for being herself. You can follow her on Twitter @Angel Dust.

“I started to feel that this was more than a challenge, this is a way of life, and if I can learn from these people, who had some sobriety behind them, and then they are talking to me and then they are listening to me: it felt good. Counting the days, I would recommend it, because it kept me accountable, but if you do have a slip it can be so demoralizing to have to go back to day 0. (…) Even it was tough in the beginning, it started to become better, because I better sleep, more energy, spending quality time with the children, becoming me again.”

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