Strangers in Recovery – Ep18 – Sandra

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep18 - Sandra

Sandra, from Ireland, is a lady in long-term recovery. She talks about her experiences with alcohol, the limiting beliefs she had and how she started her sobriety nearly 27 years ago, and how it shaped her over time. She has started Recoveryhour in 2020 when COVID shut down the world to have a place for recovering addicts helping them to maintain their recovery. She’s an active member of the #RecoveryPosse community, and we can see her posts on Fridays at #FlamingoPosse.

She talks about moments of her life in recovery, how she maintains her recovery, and what it means for her to be in long-term recovery. She understands community needs and dedicates her life to serving them with empowerment and kindness. Her personality shines through the words that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of recovery, her laugh is a joyful reminder for everyone about life gets better in recovery when we open our eyes and hearts.

She is a thoughtful person who listens and helps whenever she can. She’s currently working on an upcoming event on 8 March 2022 at the International Women’s Day as its statement says: “Show other women who might be considering stepping onto a recovery path is one the best decisions a woman can make for her own life that her family and community will benefit from. Every hour counts, every moment makes a difference and every second is a glimmer of hope we can shine brightly for those who want a way out.

Her stories and explanations of certain aspects of her addiction might resonate with many of us struggling with our own ones, and wanting to discover a better life in sobriety. You can follow her on Twitter @RecoveryHour.

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