Strangers in Recovery – Ep13 – Adam from Mind Body & Sole

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep13 - Adam from Mind Body & Sole

Adam, a UK-based recovering addict, founder of Mind Body & Sole non-profit organization shares in-depth about his mental health, the ways how he gets support from the communities around him, and the struggles that challenge him.

He shows moments of his life, how he supports others via his non-profit clothing brand, and openly talks about what has led him to arrive at his current self. His personality shines through in words that are encouraging and relatable, we can connect to his narrative and understand how much it takes to manage his organization physically and mentally and how can we be part of its goals.

His stories might resonate with many of us struggling with mental health issues, looking for support, or just a few motivational messages during our own recovery. You can follow him on Twitter @MindBodySoleUK, on Facebook @MindBodySoleUK, and on Instagram @MindBodySoleUK, visit the website at and if you’re able to, support the brand by ordering from the collections or send your donations via PayPal by clicking directly on this link:

“I started looking at YouTube, and looking at meditations and watching all these videos on Dr. Joe Dispenza. And it was like he was talking to me personally, how resetting your mind set into your brain and stuff and like your body’s an engine and your brain is the catalytic converter and just weird things and it all clicked. I took up meditation, I started doing it all the pressure inside me. It just wasn’t there. I use the Headspace, which I still use to this day. And I used an app called Sober Grid. It’s for recovering addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts. And also my dad. We used to just go out for walks my dad used to live 20 miles away, but he’d always drive, pick me up on you know, sat in the carpark not even talking, just enjoying each other’s company. And then we go for a walk. So probably nature, meditation, and just speaking to people, anonymously, helped me and helps me to this day to be honest.”

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