Strangers in Recovery – Ep12 – Bala with guests of 2021

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep12 - Bala with guests of 2021

Bala, the host of the show takes it over for an episode and invites you to listen to certain parts of his guests again and be with them for the last episode in 2021.

He shares about what he has learned in the last over 4 months since he hasn’t placed a bet and how he sees now his own recovery where the Strangers in Recovery podcast incorporates with its weekly guests. He established it as a format to talk safely, freely, and with full honesty which he brings now again from his own understanding.

The two poems have been published originally in Hungarian in Spanyolnátha art magazine at its latest edition:
Now he presents two of them translated into English.

opposed to nothing

you order a drink
a spin
just a hit,
and dive into the last one.

you became a burnt tablecloth
after you pulled it by your own toes.
you have been left behind.

you were well educated
– as opposed to nothing –
now not even your own reflection is familiar anymore

myself, myself

later, you take a seat next to me
trace of coffee on the tablecloth


cards on doors scratched
screams pouring on woods
I let it in
it stops
cheerless island

by the pass of the morning
your hand of seconds
stems breaks off

same boat same place
in the mirror the third

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