Strangers in Recovery – Ep11 – Pamela

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep11 - Pamela

Pamela, a recovering alcoholic from the United States talks about her experiences with sobriety of over 7 years and how she went through her rehabilitation and found her new life in Alcoholics Anonymous. She is the author of the Letting Go of the Thief book, regularly shares at various meetings, and is an active and inspiring member of the #RecoveryPosse community.

She talks about moments of her life in recovery, how she discovered that unmanageability of her drinking could have taken her life and how she has started to use her talent in writing to help other addicts and alcoholics. Her personality shines through the words that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of recovery, we can easily identify with her narrative and understand how much it takes to be honest and show a full picture of alcoholism.

Her stories and explanations of certain aspects of her addiction might resonate with many of us struggling with our own ones, and wanting to discover a better life in sobriety. She gives a detailed overview of how she navigates through difficult periods of life, such as the holiday seasons. You can follow her on Twitter @pamela_pesta.

“I really let go of the anger because I came to understand it as a disease. And that was a saving grace for my whole family. And for me too, and I think I was able to leave rehab, tell myself I’m okay with a scarlet A (for alcoholic) in my head now, I’m okay with this because it’s a disease and I’m battling it. I’m doing everything I can to be a different person, to be a better person, and to be strong and I really went on that for a very long time. I still do.”

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