Strangers in Recovery – Ep10 – Keith, part2

Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery
Strangers in Recovery - Ep10 - Keith, part2

Keith, the London-born and bred compulsive gambler brings us in the second part of his episode to his rehabilitation period and talks about his life in recovery.

In this second episode, he focuses on moments of his life in recovery, highlights that the consistency of attending meetings plays a key role, and helps him with identifications and realizations. He shares stories about asking for help, his struggles with asking his first sponsor to be his sponsor, difficulties of certain steps of GA/NA 12 steps programs, and various aspects of a recovering addict’s everyday life. His personality shines through his words that are relatable for all addicts at any stage of life, but in this episode, we focus mainly on challenges at recovering stage. For the first episode, please visit and give a listen to this episode.

He is currently addiction-free for over 7 years and regularly attends recovery meetings.

“At fellowships [Keith’s names Narcotics Anonymous, but it stands for most of the Anonymous fellowships], people come and share at meetings their experience, strength and hope for 20-25 minutes, and then people share back to them. So, wait until you hear somebody, similar to you, and then you’re inspired to be – when you hear their story, you think: wow, that’s where I’d like to get to! If you want to be cantankerous, miserable see-you-next-Tuesday then wait until you hear some miserable guy speaking and go ask him. I heard this guy, loved everything he said, and wanted what he had. And I went up to him, very embarrassed, I found it very hard to ask for help, and I kind of mumbled, do you think, maybe, you can kind of help me, whatever. And after me, going around the subject for 3-4 sentences, he asked me Are you asking me to be your sponsor? And I went: Yes. And he said: Ok, come outside and let’s have a coffee after this meeting.

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